Son of Thomas Denman, the first Lord Denman (1779–1854), Lord Chief Justice he entered into the British Royal Navy on the 7 April 1823. By 9 March 1831, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

In 1840 his ship was off the coast of Sierra Leone-Liberia as part of the West African Squadron tasked to end the Slave Trade.

In 1840 the islands in the mouth of the Gallinas River, situated near the present Sierra Leone-Liberia border, formed a principal departure point for slave ships. In November of that year — Sir Richard Doherty, the Governor of Sierra Leone discovered that Prince…

For what it's worth I am going to show a few things that I think will happen in the US in the next four years.

We are going to see prices shoot up especially fuel prices. Biden has already said that Fracking will be banned something that he vehemently denied during his small time on the road and in debates. However, there are many videos of him saying that he will ban it just as there is of Harris saying the same thing.

All fossil fuel will be banned, Biden has already threatened to shut down the Keystone oil pipeline…

Empty Spanish beach

Millions in EU27 face dire economic consequences if tourists don’t come for 2nd year running. There is £675bn of tourism GDP at stake and the Bastards want the Pound in your wallet and purse.

First, though let's look at The huge economic hit for many EU countries. Then we will look at the massive number of EU jobs at stake.

Covid has had serious consequences for every country and certain sectors have been particularly badly hit. One such sector is of course tourism. With people unable to travel except on essential business, and with the prospect of exorbitant costs of staying for two weeks in a quarantined hotel on return when they did travel, holiday plans for most people have been put on hold. …

Diogo Alves was a 31-year-old man Spanish man who was executed in 1841. He was born in 1810 into a peasant family, he received a head injury at a young age after falling from his house. When Diogo was 19 years old he was sent off to work in Lisbon, Portugal. He frequently changed jobs and was known to enjoy drinking and gambling.

A few years later he decided to become a serial killer in Lisbon where he murdered 70 people between the span of 1836–1840. His modus operandi included robbing poor and less fortunate people he came across on the streets, then he would blindfold them and force them to the top of high structures (the aqueduct) where he would throw them off high falls below, making their deaths appear to be suicides. …

In 2020 the UK sold £98.5 billion in services to the EU27. Nevertheless, the UK sold more services to the USA than to the top six EU countries COMBINED.

Brexit Britain’s export of services in 2020

  • United States: £72.7bn
  • Germany. £16.8bn
  • The Netherlands. £14.3bn
  • Ireland. £13.4
  • France. £13.1
  • Switzerland. £10.4bn
  • Japan. £6.4bn
  • Italy. £5.8bn
  • Spain. £5.6bn
  • Australia. £5.4

The UK sold more services to the USA than to the top six EU countries COMBINED

The figures above show how the USA dwarfs any EU country as an export destination for Brexit Britain’s service industries. Despite the limitations imposed by Covid, the UK still sold £72.7 billion in services across the Atlantic Ocean. That’s more than to the top six EU countries across the English Channel COMBINED.

Cynics will say “Oh, but this is because of Brexit. I, therefore, decided to take a look at 2016…

Today, the Scottish people go to the polling booths to elect their representatives (MSPs) to the Holyrood parliament. At the time of writing, the possibility of the SNP winning more or less than 50% of MSPs seems to be on a knife-edge.

The intricacies of Scottish politics are for others. I will not comment for the moment on the internecine strife between the former and current First Ministers of Scotland. …

The decisive victory at Beersheba fell to one of the last great charges of mounted troops in history and that honour fell on the backs of the Australian Light Horse Divisions. Many years later it was made into a film.

On 31 October 1917, as daylight faded across the Negev Desert, Australian Light Horse Divisions secured the town of Beersheba, bringing to a close a crucial battle in the Sinai Palestine Campaign of World War One. The Battle of Beersheba was a pivot upon which turned the fortunes of Allied efforts against the Ottoman and German Empires in the Middle…

Well read on and find out

Regardless of your views on climate change, this is worth reading

A fully carbon-neutral UK sounds good, but what will this mean for you personally?

The Government has made many statements about its green agenda over the last few years — particularly since Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds entered №10.

As Covid restrictions on normal life start to come to a (partial) end, new climate change laws are set to alter our lives in as significant a fashion — and at an enormous cost.

The first of the new legislation was lodged in Parliament on Wednesday. Did anyone notice? NO? Good job I did then isn't it.


Much is being made of the trade deals that we are now negotiating now we the UK have left the EU.

Remainer or Rejoiners as they now like to call themselves snidely and with a sniff point out that they are actually trading deals that the EU made with the countries involved and all the UK has done is change the EU to the UK.

Before we left the EU one of the EU rules was that countries in the EU could not go off and do trade deals with countries on their own. Putting it simply that was the…

Sometimes he could be rather short with people, even his own family, but he could be funny as well, when out and about speaking to people. People sometimes did not understand his type of humor his one-line quips sometimes took people by surprise, and he did not care who he said them to and what he said. Some could be hurtful and racist, however, on the whole many were just plain funny even the hurtful and racist ones

His Royal Highness, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich

Below are 78 of his comments

1. “Is everyone here called Jones?”

Speaking to members of the Royal British Legion in Conwy, North Wales, in 1956. Jones is a well known Welsh surname

2. “Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and…

Graham Lear

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.

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