The Brexit Party’s MEPs have been compared to Nazis because they turned their backs on the European Union’s ‘national anthem’ at the opening of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

They were that fond of it that they ordered the Jewish musicians in the death camps to play it as their fellow Jews many of them who would have been family and friends walked past them going to the gas chambers where the Nazis they slaughtered them. There are even reports that they were made to play this Ode to Joy right outside these chambers to drown out the screams as the Jews who suddenly became aware of what was happening to them. I can think of many musical overtures that they could have chosen for their Anthem Ode to Joy is certainly not one of them.

Joe Biden, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson said they had ‘discussed a number of issues of mutual concern, including the Indo-Pacific region’.

The nuclear-powered fallout from the UK’s new defence alliance, from Paris to Beijing is outstanding.

French fume after the UK, US & Australia torpedo their €50bn submarine contract

Angry tirades, threats of action, and a cancelled French gala in Washington.

  1. What happened on Wednesday — What is ‘AUKUS’?
  2. The fuming French react with anger, threats, and petulance
  3. The Brexit Bonus — French jobs will be transferred to the UK
  4. This would not have been possible under the EU

The NHS & GP practices employ 1.5m people in England alone — what do they all do?

Droughts are Not Getting Worse

EU announces plans for new ‘First Entry Force’ of up to 20,000 troops, in addition to existing EU battalions

On Tuesday last week Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the EU Commission unelected in any contested election, wrongly proclaimed that the Commission had hit its target of 70% of the adult EU population being vaccinated by 31 August 2021.

Graham Lear

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.

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