A personal view by an ordinary pleb’

‘Is Parliament sovereign?

We seem to be hearing a lot about ‘Parliamentary sovereignty’ nowadays

A large number of our pitiful MPs constantly pronounce on the ‘sovereignty of Parliament’ at every opportunity in their desire to block and reverse the expressed will of the people. Yet everyone knows that EU law is supreme whilst we remain members.

How Parliament has constrained itself

As noted above, Parliament has unlimited power. It can only be constrained by itself. Therein lies the answer as we look back to the increasing contortions and sophistry used since we were taken into the EEC and the famous ‘no loss of essential sovereignty’ to claim that Parliament is sovereign.

The fishy business of EU law

Back in 1991, there was the Factortame case which demonstrates the Catch 22 position that we now find ourselves in. 95 Spanish fishing vessels, formerly registered as ‘British,’ were not able to comply with the new re-registration requirement of predominantly British ownership contained in the Merchant Shipping Act 1988. This was because they were managed and controlled from Spain. They challenged the Act on the basis of breach of the EC treaty (discrimination by nationality).

Does it sound like Parliament is sovereign to you?

Does it sound like Parliament is sovereign to you? Reality indicates otherwise, despite the legalistic contortions and sophistry to persuade us otherwise. If Parliament has ‘voluntarily’ ceded lawmaking sovereignty to the EU (eg Factortame), the key function of Parliament, what is left of Parliamentary sovereignty? The only thing that remains is the vested sovereignty of the people. And this was clearly exercised on 23rd June 2016.

Is it deliberate deception?

If this is deliberate deception, to what end? The answer may lie in the most vociferous devotees who claim that Parliament is currently sovereign. They all appear to be those that want to remain in the EU and are resisting the restoration of ‘temporary’ ceded powers.

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.