Are We Going To Die? Yes, We Are Of Course We Are… But Not From Covid.

We are all going to die, however, it’s now unlikely it will be from Covid.

Here’s what the BBC, Sky, and ITV won’t tell you.

Let’s bring some proportionality and reason to the Covid crisis. It is vitally important — whatever your views on Covid, lockdowns, masks, etc — that the extremely one-sided mainstream news coverage is balanced with some measure of scrutiny. Critically, this report focuses on one subject.

Covid deaths in relation to all deaths — what do we usually die from?

In order to give readers something meaningful, I have grouped some of the causes of death below. For example, I grouped the many different types of cancer into one category.

Where does Covid-19 now sit in the list above? Way down at no.23

The latest official data from the ONS (the only reasonably reliable source — see below) is for the week ending 21 May 2021. In that week there were 66 Covid deaths in England and Wales, which is 9.4 per day. This has subsequently fallen further but I don’t yet have the figures.

Does anyone care about cancer?

In England and Wales in 2019, an average of 413 people died each day of cancer. This means that an average of almost 2,900 people in England and Wales are dying each week from this horrific disease. This compares with 66 deaths from Covid in the latest week’s ONS figures.

Are the figures for ‘Covid deaths’ on the news remotely accurate?

The only reasonably reliable data for ‘deaths due to Covid’ comes from the Office for National Statistics, NOT the NHS. The reason is simple: the daily data from the NHS which is reported in the news includes deaths where Covid was not the cause of death. By contrast, the ONS now reports ‘deaths due to Covid’, i.e. where Covid was the main cause.

Has the broadcast media completely forgotten that people die every day of a great many causes other than Covid?

For well over a year now, the British public has been fed a daily diet of gruesome and fear-inducing news about Covid-19. On the 24-hour news channels, it has been incessant. One glaring omission in the news output over the last 16 months has been that of context. I believe context matters. Without context, you don't get the true picture of anything never mind this topic.

The TV news does not report deaths from cancer, dementia/Alzheimers, or heart disease

Not only does the broadcast news from the BBC, Sky, and ITV not report deaths from other causes each day, it does not report the huge number of ‘cases’ of all these diseases and conditions. So why does it continue to focus on ‘cases’ (which are not cases at all and should properly be called ‘positive test results) of Covid-19 when the number of Covid deaths is so low? And yes, I do understand the difference between communicable diseases such as ’flu and Covid, and conditions such as cancer.

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.