EU Open For Tourists Again And After Insulting The UK At Every Opportunity They Want Our Money.

Empty Spanish beach

Millions in EU27 face dire economic consequences if tourists don’t come for 2nd year running. There is £675bn of tourism GDP at stake and the Bastards want the Pound in your wallet and purse.

The EU Commission’s latest published recommendations for inbound tourism

For some EU countries, a second summer without tourists will be an economic disaster

The amount of EU GDP at stake

The EU estimates over 16.5 million people are involved in tourism. That's 16.5 million EU jobs that are at risk if the British holiday pound holidays elsewhere.

Well as a taster to how important the tourist industry is to the EU, it's a fact that almost a quarter of Greek jobs are reliant on tourists arriving this summer.

But what about the proportion of tourism jobs as a percentage of total employment?

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.