EU's terrible unemployment rate.

If you wanted an EU job this century, the UK was the place to come.

Is it any wonder so many millions came from the EU27 to make their lives in the United Kingdom?

In an average year since the start of this century, the EU’s unemployment rate has been an average of 2/3rds higher than the UK’s in any given year, according to official EU figures I researched.

Providing permanent jobs for millions of EU citizens, and temporary jobs for millions more

The UK’s extraordinary record of consistently lower unemployment compared to the EU was achieved despite the UK receiving a large number of EU migrants during this period and providing jobs for millions of them.

The worst 10 EU countries in which to be unemployed

The EU hasn’t solved unemployment in the last 20 years and is still way behind the UK. In some countries, the problem continues to be severe. In particular, Greece, Spain, and the EU’s third-largest economy Italy all continue to suffer. President Macron’s France also has much higher unemployment than the UK.

  1. Spain: 15.5%
  2. Italy: 9.2%
  3. Lithuania: 8.5%
  4. Sweden: 8.3%
  5. Latvia: 8.1%
  6. France: 8.0%
  7. Finland: 7.8%
  8. Cyprus: 7.6%
  9. Croatia: 7.5%
  • Pressure on housing — availability, rents
  • Pressure on health services — no increase in doctors, hospitals, midwifery in areas worst affected
  • Pressure on schools — class sizes, costs of employing translator-assistants in high immigrant areas
  • The increased pressure on all local services
  • Pressure on transport services and traffic
  • Lack of training of British people, and EU immigrants with lower but supposedly comparable standards being recruited instead
  • Lack of investment in new technologies and no increase in productivity, due to plentiful supply of cheap labour
  • “It doesn’t feel like my town/village anymore” — places with more EU shops than British ones, English not the common language

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