Oh, this is good. If Boris wins, will the EU even have anyone for him to negotiate with?

EU in deadlock as a quagmire of Juncker replacement process deepens’

Yesterday lame duck PM Theresa May attended an emergency session of the EU Council, officially called “the European Council”. This meeting of the EU28 leaders once again failed to come to an agreement on who should be the next EU Commission President to replace Herr Juncker, nor even how he or she should be chosen.

“Who cares about Brussels politics? We’re leaving anyway.”

Readers might wonder why they should care about any of this. The answer to this is simple. The EU — in all its various guises of Councils, Parliament, Central Bank, and overriding Court of Justice — must have some form of leadership.

EU28 leaders in deadlock

In a repeat performance of 2014, when the EU last had to choose people for the top jobs in Brussels, the EU28 leaders are in deadlock.

The EU treaties are no guide to practice

There are two basic systems involved in running the EU — what the Treaties say, and what politics dictates. Where these do not coincide, it is rarely the law as set out in the Treaties which decides, particularly if one of the major players such as Germany or France are involved.

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.