The Forecast For The UK's Economy Is Very Good Indeed.

Apocalyptic ‘Project Fear’ forecasts are once again upended by UK’s post-Brexit growth.

These are official facts, not the fantasy and fiction on social media.

This year and next, Brexit Britain is set to outperform the EU’s top economies and that of the Eurozone as a whole, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest official forecasts.

  • France: 6.29%
  • Italy: 5.77%
  • Spain: 5.74%
  • Netherlands: 3.77%
  • Germany: 3.05%
  • EU27 average: 5.10%
  • Eurozone: 5.04%

What happened to Project Fear’s apocalyptic forecasts if the British voted to leave the EU?

British voters were told in no uncertain terms by the then Chancellor George Osborne, the then Prime Minister David Cameron, HM Treasury, international organisations such as the IMF, and practically the entire UK ‘Establishment’ that the United Kingdom’s economy would fall off the proverbial cliff if the people voted to leave the EU.

What about next year (2022), what does the IMF forecast?

IMF growth forecasts for the UK vs. the EU27 and the Eurozone in 2022

  • EU27: 4.44%
  • Eurozone: 4.35%

But didn’t the UK perform very badly last year?


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