The Great French Sulk Over Submarines.

Joe Biden, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson said they had ‘discussed a number of issues of mutual concern, including the Indo-Pacific region’.

The nuclear-powered fallout from the UK’s new defence alliance, from Paris to Beijing is outstanding.

French fume after the UK, US & Australia torpedo their €50bn submarine contract

Angry tirades, threats of action, and a cancelled French gala in Washington.

What happened on Wednesday and yesterday — What is ‘AUKUS’?

The impact of this on the French — and their anger

The French loss of face

The Brexit Bonus — This would not have been possible under the EU

The increasing petulance of the French, the rise of ‘Global Britain’, and the response of China to the new alliance.

‘La grande bouderie française’ (‘the Big French Sulk’)

Er… pardon? Why no mention of the United Kingdom?

President Macron’s ‘Attack Puppy’

China now operates outside international law — but no one will say it has become a ‘rogue state’

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.