The latest trade figures show a big drop in EU purchases, a huge jump in buying from non-EU countries

Official: EU’s sales to UK plunge by £28bn in 5yrs — Brits reacting to hostile EU?

Analysis of the latest trade figures released by the Office for National Statistics on Tuesday (27 Jul 2021) reveals extraordinary, official evidence that the British are switching their buying preferences emphatically away from the EU and towards the rest of the world.

  • British purchases from non-EU: +16.3%
  • Comparing the last 12 months to the year of 2016, the EU’s lost sales amount to £27.8bn
  • This represents a drop of 11.3%, even more than the percentage drop for the last quarter alone.
  • Q1 2021: 49.5% came from EU27

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.