The UK to be replaced by economic power-houses of Albania & North Macedonia???

EU Commission recommends accession talks to start — the UK is paying

These two countries combined have 1/100th of the GDP of the UK

  1. The UK will continue paying for this EU enlargement under the deal negotiated by Mrs. May

A ‘Reverse Brexit’

EU to replace the world’s 5th largest economy with two more minnows

  1. Combined total GDP of the 2 new accession countries is less than 1/100th that of the UK

Where are the Western Balkans?

Significance for Brexit

How much is all this costing?


EU’S (ex-communist) Foreign Secretary is heavily involved

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Western Balkans?

This is a very difficult region in many ways, torn apart following the break-up of Yugoslavia, and the scene of foreign policy and military disasters for the EU. Given the geographical proximity, it is still felt by many that the EU’s actions (and inactions) did not constitute its finest hours.

Readers will no doubt wish the six Western Balkans countries well in their gradual development following some difficult decades. The UK, of course, was a significant global player in the region and still is, although we look forward to the day when the British Foreign Office is not hidebound by the foreign policies of the EU and can act with complete independence.

A great deal of UK Aid has of course been sent to the region over the years. Some British aid has been ‘badged’ as EU Aid, but this will change eventually, once the UK has left the EU. In due course recipients of British donations will realize just how generous the UK is.



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